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Marriage After 40: 7 Signs I Knew I Found My Soulmate

marriage after 40: signs I found my soulmate

I found my soulmate after a long search for love (and you can, too).

The day I turned 40, I was in shock because I was still single. How had I reached this milestone birthday and remained unattached? Honestly, I felt devastated and wondered how this could have happened to me.

But then I got serious about looking for love. After some soul-searching, I decided to start doing whatever it took to meet a lot of men. I wanted to meet a wonderful guy who had a good heart and was kind, fun to be with, attractive, employed and someone who could accept my spiritual viewpoints about life. Connecting with a man who would be my partner and soulmate was my goal.

In 15 months, I dated 30 men. I ended up finding Paul, the man I married. I smile as I write this, because we just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! And I have to tell you, my husband is still totally adorable and continues to make me laugh. 

It wasn't obvious at first that Paul was the right man for me because we were so different. Our backgrounds, family upbringings, religions, and careers were polar opposites. But here is how I looked past all of that and came to realize I had found my soulmate:

1. At the end of our first date, Paul walked me to my car. He stopped to ask if he could see me again, to which I responded, "Yes!" Then he kissed me on the cheek and started to walk back to his car. Before he got there, he turned around and asked, "When are you available again?" Soulmate check! That melted my heart because he wanted more of me!

2. There were cosmic signs. On our third date, we walked along the beach and sat down on a bench with a gorgeous view of the water. Paul kissed me under the moonlight and I saw a shooting star brighten the night sky. Soulmate check! Something cosmic and romantic was unfolding.

3. For our fourth date, Paul was an hour late (for good reason). When I answered the door feeling angry and frantic, wondering what had happened to him, he handed me flowers and apologized. When I invited him in, he explained how on his way over to see me, he had stopped to help a woman with three small grandchildren whose car had broken down in the middle of the street. Soulmate check! I knew he had a good heart. Keep reading...

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