Do You Need A Divorce Coach?


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Is your marriage over?
Plus: 4 steps to take when your husband leaves unexpectedly.

Many women are so wrapped up in the routine of their busy hectic lives that they fail to see increasing signs that their husbands have gradually become more distant. This was the case of a recent client, Jen. Can you relate to her story?

Jen thought life was going fine. Sure, she and Carl had problems but she never expected him to come home one night and announce he was leaving. She was devastated! Worse, she was unaware of the emotional effects of divorce and breakups.

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As Jen watched Carl walk out the door, she wanted to scream, "Don't leave!" Jen was in a state of shock and disbelief. She began conjuring up ways to win back Carl's love. They had been married for 15 years and she refused to believe that his love had just died, even though for years, he had been telling her he loved her but was no longer "in love" with her.

Jen looked at her calendar with all the impending events that she and Carl were supposed to attend together. She wondered if she should attend these events solo or stay at home. She had a million thoughts rushing through her head and did not know which way to turn. Her emotions were running rampant with highs and lows that changed by the second. She was fearful, confused, angry and hurt.

Jen needed support and she knew it. She needed to sort through her emotions and decide what actions to take. Her options included speaking to a friend, therapist or divorce coach.

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A family member or friend may or may not be thes best support. They love you and want you to be happy. They are the most likely to bash your husband and tell you "it is his loss" or say "you are better off without him. " A therapist will help you sort through your feelings. Depending upon their practice, they might want to delve into your past and review what happened. They may focus too much on your past, which does little to ensure your future. Keep reading ...

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