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The 4 Stages of Getting Back Together

Relationships are always easy — in the beginning. Both people are on their best behavior. They wear their fanciest clothes, are polite and put in boat-loads of love and effort. But sometimes, despite the initial euphoria and all those promises made, things don't go the way they were planned. Wants and ...

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11 Lessons For My Graduating Son

Tomorrow you are graduating from high school and preparing to move on to what's next. It is a surreal moment for me, both as a parent and as a man. In watching you over these last 18 years, I have seen clearly that you have accomplished so much: as a young man, as an actor and as a human being. Your efforts ...

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Ask An Expert: Why Did He Stop Texting Me?

Dear Charles: I went on a first date with a guy and I thought it went well. He texted me about an hour later and asked if we could get together again and I said I'd like that. We playfully chatted via text for a few hours that same day. It's a week later, and I haven't heard a thing from him. Why ...

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10 Ways Men Screw Up First Dates

Relationships should be equal, but when it comes to dating — especially first dates — things are different. Dating is where men step up, with sincerity, and show their interest in someone. But some men either don't know or don't show that they understand or accept this concept. Equality or ...

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Get Real: Men (Honestly) Share Their Top 10 Gripes About You

Ask any love expert what the main cornerstone of a relationship is, and you will likely hear the same thing: communication. But for so many people, communication means to speak, when the real keys to a successful relationship is active listening and empathy. There's no sense in putting out what you feel ...

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Should You Really Get Back Into Relationships With Your Ex?

The 4 Stages of Getting Back Together

Have you moved on or do you still love each other?

Life Coach: Lessons For My Graduating Son

11 Lessons For My Graduating Son

Some words of wisdom from a father to his son.

Expert: What Does A Guy's Text Message Mean

Ask An Expert: Why Did He Stop Texting Me?

Get answers to confusing dating behavior.

Dating Expert: 10 Ways Men Screw Up First Dates

10 Ways Men Screw Up First Dates

Don't show up looking like a hot mess and definitely don't show up late without a warning.

Relationship Advice For Women: What Men Really Think About You

Get Real: Men (Honestly) Share Their Top 10 Gripes About You

You think you know, but you have no idea.

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