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The Straight-Up Truth: Why He Treats You Like Crap

I receive hundreds of letters every week. And let's face the truth: If you're in a great relationship, what I write might be interesting … but you aren't going to write in to me. I hear from men and women all over the world, and offer insights and advice about marriage, dating, and ...

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Reconnect To A Spirit Of Relationship Playfulness

Remember how much fun you used to have when you were younger? Why do we lose that spirit of playfulness when we grow up? Why do our relationships always seem so darn serious? Chores, bills, homework and housework may be necessary for the day-to-day responsibilities, but they're not FUN. So why not do ...

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'I Forgive You': The Phrase That Could Save Your Relationship

All couples argue from time to time — and everyone makes mistakes — so a healthy attitude toward forgiveness is necessary for happy relationships. In a new video for YourTango, relationship expert Charles J. Orlando explains why it's so important to embrace the act of ...

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What's So Funny!? Why Every Relationship Needs A Good Laugh

When was the last time you laughed with your partner? You know, really laughed — that big, belly laugh that you can't stop? Doesn't it feel good?  Love and relationship expert Charles J. Orlando knows a thing or two about the power of laughter, and he's sharing his secrets in ...

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30 Days Of Love: Smooch Your Sweetie Happy

Affection comes in lots of different forms, and while some folks may yearn for kisses, others sweet nothings and still others big bear hugs, one thing's for sure: Couples in relationships need lots of lovin'! In a new video for YourTango's 30 ...

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Articles by Charles J. Orlando
Love: Playfulness For Couples In Relationships

Reconnect To A Spirit Of Relationship Playfulness

Hum-drum of life got you down? Reconnect to your inner kid with your sweetie!

Love & Laughter: Valentine's Day Advice For Couples

What's So Funny!? Why Every Relationship Needs A Good Laugh

The couple that laughs together stays together.

Love: Relationship Advice With Showing Affection

30 Days Of Love: Smooch Your Sweetie Happy

Have you told (or shown!) your partner how much you care today?

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