Top 25 Places To Have Sex In America

Top 25 Places To Have Sex In America

Top 25 Places To Have Sex In America

best places to have sex in america
A new book offers suggestions for where to get it on.

Changing the location of your sexcapades can add spice and variety, both of which are important. Since there are so many places and so little time, our friends Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi of the Ask Dan and Jennifer sex advice site, have done the research for you in their new book 1,001 Best Places To Have Sex In America: A When, Where, and How Guide. Way to take one for the team, you two! They've even included a ranking of the risk, level of kinkiness, calorie burn and ecstasy factor, plus the best sexual positions for each locale. There are tons of options; here our 25 favorites.

1) In the Shower
Get a little dirty while you're getting clean.

2) On the Shore of a Beautiful Secluded Lake
Outdoor lovemaking is exciting in itself; a great view during your tryst is even better.

3) In the Locker Room at the Gym
Find out what else your muscles are capable of. The Joy of Flex: Exercise Better Together

4) In the Highest Row of a Concert
Make the nosebleed section a bit more fun.

5) In the Dark Corner of a Hookah Lounge
Put those comfortable pillows to good use. How To Have Sex In Public

6) While You're Out Test-Driving a New Car
Pull over and enjoy two rides in one day—as long as the salesman is back at the dealership. How To Have Sex In A Car

7) On the Balcony of Your Hotel Room
Maybe people can see you, maybe not, but that's part of the fun. 

8) At a Public Library Between the Stacks of Books
Your chance to live out that naughty-librarian fantasy.

9) In the Parking Lot of Your Local Police Precinct
As Martin Lawrence said in Blue Streak, "Wham, bam, thank you, Officer."

10) High Up in a Tree
Gives tree-hugger a whole new meaning.

11) While Waiting in Line at a Fast-Food Drive Through
Burn enough calories and you can order extra fries.

12) On a Ferris Wheel at Night
Get the most out of the slow climb.

13) On the Teacher's Desk
Take this standard role-play scenario to a new level. Infusing Fantasy Into Your Sex Life

14) While Handcuffed to Your Bed At Home
Handcuffs are a great way for beginners to push their sexual boundaries while still feeling safe.

15) In a Huge Lecture Hall During a Lecture
It's not like you were paying attention anyway.

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