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Why You Keep Attracting the Wrong Guys & How To Change

Many of my friends blame themselves for every failed relationship and end up concluding that they must just be a magnet for jerks. It's a problem that lots of women struggle with all the time: They think that they only attract men who end up being Read More

The 3 Worst Habits of Mercilessly Annoying Couples

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl] You finally made it. You have the sweetest, most attractive significant other ever who makes you feel like the most special little cuteybritches in the whole world. You're basking in ...

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Why His Bedpost Notches Don't Matter

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl] Are you nervous about how many people you’ve slept with? Or nervous that your new gentleman has been quite ungentlemanly with half of the food court? If one of you is on the low end or ...

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Are You Really Ready for a Relationship?

No matter how much time has past since your last relationship, you might be thinking about starting to date again. Are you ready to find someone new? Maybe you think you are, but here are some signs that you’re definitely ...

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Think Guys Don't Care About Clothes? Think Again

I've worked for years as a matchmaker and an expert on dating and relationships, and through my experience, there's one piece of consistent feedback I've received from men time and time again. Are you ready to hear what men ...

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Articles by Anna Karimo

Why You Keep Attracting the Wrong Guys & How To Change

You don't have to be the girl who always has a bad boyfriend. Break the cycle and find a gentleman!


Why His Bedpost Notches Don't Matter

Here's why don't need to feel uncomfortable about his (or your) sex number ever again.


Are You Really Ready for a Relationship?

You need to be in the right state of mind before you become part of a couple again.

Dating Tips: Dress To Attract Men

Think Guys Don't Care About Clothes? Think Again

It might surprise you to learn how much men care about your style.

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