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Loneliness Can Be A Killer. No, Really.

While doing research for my upcoming book, I’ve come across several shocking facts about loneliness. So I guess consider this my public service announcement, dating-style. It’s fairly common knowledge that your emotional and mental health can have a strong impact on your physical health. If you ...

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Top 4 Myths About Men

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl] Think you're an expert on men? Make sure you're not basing your knowledge on these popular myths about the male species. Myth #1: Guys ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Want Sex Girls are informed via every possible information avenue that their boyfriend wants to have sex ...

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How To Bail Out Of A Bad Date

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl] You've been there: stuck on what feels like the longest date of anyone's life, face-to-face with someone that you know you never want to see again. What did you ...

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How to Find Love by Not Looking for It

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl] MASH. I live in a shack with Anderson Cooper and we have a pet alligator. I drive a Vespa to my job in a glue factory and he’s a cowboy. Dammit. I guess I lost this game. Good News: MASH isn't real When ...

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Why Time Apart Is The Best Way To Stay Together

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl] Alone time is one of the healthiest things for a relationship. Spending time apart gives each person time to decompress, to be themselves and to be secure with their identity outside of the relationship. You definitely want your boyfriend to have some alone time and you ...

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Articles by Anna Karimo

Loneliness Can Be A Killer. No, Really.

Read the surprising, lethal consequences of being alone.

Come Hither

Top 4 Myths About Men

Think you know everything there is to know about men? Think again.

Bad Date

How To Bail Out Of A Bad Date

Find out how to escape a bad date before you're already stuck.

Staying Dry

How to Find Love by Not Looking for It

If you're having trouble finding the right partner, give these tips a try.


Why Time Apart Is The Best Way To Stay Together

Are you worried because your boyfriend likes to spend some time away from you? Don’t be.

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