5 Ways To Tell How Much You Mean To Him


5 Ways To Tell How Much You Mean To Him
Are you the apple of his eye? Here are 5 ways to figure out if you're his priority or if you're not.

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl]

There are times when a boyfriend needs to prove just how important you are to him. If he doesn’t come rushing to your side in these situations, you should probably show him the door.


1. When you’re sick. Not just sniffly, pouty sick, where you want to have a Real Housewives marathon and fall asleep early. If you’re going to be boring and you don’t really need him, give him a break and send him to hang out with his friends for the night. But if you don’t think you can even open your eyes without help, your boyfriend should be there with a thermometer, popsicles, movies, nyquil, chicken soup or whatever else you need.

2. When you have an emergency. When your ride bails, your dog runs away, or your car explodes, your boyfriend should come to your aid. Guys love opportunities to flex their Knight-In-Shining-Armor muscles. If he blows you off and leaves you in the lurch, you should definitely leave him in the dust.

3. When you try to start sexy trouble. If you call your boyfriend from the bath and explain that you need him to help you get dirty before you can get clean, he should be on your doorstep in seconds, confounding all laws of space and time. Better yet, text him something that you would be way too shy to say out loud. Often guys sex drives are triggered by blunt imagery. A good boyfriend will recognize that when his girlfriend reaches out that way, he’d better deliver or she probably won’t reach out again. Keep Reading...

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