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Sharon Lynn Wyeth - Author, Dating Coach, Family Coach, Marriage Educator, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, YourTango Expert Partner - Hailey, ID


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Your name says it all which is why Moses, who could ask God anything, asked for His name. Secrets are revealed once you now how to interpret a name. So, if you know the name, you know the ...

About Me

Hi, I’m Sharón Lynn Wyeth. You may have seen me as the name expert on Good Morning Arizona or on NBC’s San Antonio Living. I am a frequent radio guest and have been invited to speak in most states and in Canada and England. Many of you have read my best selling book on how to decipher any name to know how people think, feel and act, Know the Name; Know the Person.

This compelling book gives you insights into why people behave the way they do and what you can expect from them. You will never need to be surprised again by someone’s behavior choices. The best part is that knowing how to interpret a person’s name allows you to communicate more clearly and create meaningful relationships faster.

My life’s work has been to figure out the patterns in our names and what they tell us resulting in creating Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name. Did you know that your life’s purpose is also written in your name? My upcoming book “Know the Name; Know the Spirit” explores what names say about our contract with the divine and our goals for this life.

Knowing Neimology® Science has helped thousands of people understand others better and improve their relationships. It can help you too. The first chapter is my gift to you and can be found by signing up on You can read book reviews and success stories here. Know that Neimology® Science helped them, and it can help you.

I invite you peruse my websites and enjoy the articles on Your Tango where interpreting names are used. Names are an amazing way of seeing life from a whole new perspective.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I witnessed distress among my students as they tried to find their place in the world and how to get along with each other. Name patterns came about due to these very observations. I used Neimology® Science to mediate different relationships to peaceful conclusions and helped other students learn how to tell if a person would be toxic to them or of great benefit. I wanted to share these discoveries with everyone, as life is so much more enjoyable when our relationships work.

Success Stories

Fascinating Info Revealed In Names

Natasha Hernandez posted on your Wall

"I just got your book in the mail yesterday. I've been reading when it's slow at work and just started chapter 2. So far, I'm simply fascinated and it's helping me find myself and I'm also starting to understand others in my life as well. I'm so glad I ordered it! I've been telling everyone about it and I just want to say thank you for publishing your findings to share with us!"

CredentialsBS, MA
Time in Practice10 years +
Additional ExpertiseDating Coach
Family Coach
Marriage Educator
Relationship Coach
Spiritual Coach
YourTango Expert Partner
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I am fluent inEnglish
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Know the Name; Know the Person: Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in Names

What does your name say about you? What's in a name? More than ...

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