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“Love is the total surrender of your heart to another person with the security of knowing she/he will treat it better than you.” author unknown

About Me

You may wonder….. how can Cindy Cartee help me? Help us? Let me begin by saying how deeply committed I am to the healing process of therapy. Someone once said “if you love what you do for a living then you have never worked a day in your life”, well in that sense I have never worked a day in my life. I feel blessed by the experiences of participating, facilitating and witnessing the power of healing and connection that my clients share with me. It is spiritual!

I enjoy the use of humor in my work and provide a relaxed, down to earth approach. I have sat on the other side of the room and recognize the pain, heart ache, vulnerability of sharing the intimate details of your life. I respect the fact that therapy is hard work. I will work hard with you and for you. Believing in the power of therapy and believing in the power of your efforts, I offer an optimistic hopeful view. Providing you with the tools to connect with your loved ones, your life will change.

Witnessing a relationship in distress move from disconnection and frustration to connection and deep love, is one of the most powerful experiences. When we fall in love, we are high, our best selves, life is wonderful. But when we are in conflict, frustrated and feeling unloved, the worst comes out and we are miserable. I will teach you how to move from disconnection to connection, from the high of romantic love to the high of a spiritual real love. As a Certified Imago Therapist, I will help you understand why you fell in love with your partner and why you are now so disillusioned and frustrated with someone you love so deeply.

The divorce rate is at an all time high because couples do not know how to work through the struggles/frustrations. You will learn how you and your partner can be healing to one another and stop causing such pain. The incidents of affairs are at an all time high. Affair recovery is possible and despite what you may feel is going to end your marriage, could result in a deeper more committed love. You may not think it is possible. Seems impossible right? Scar tissue is stronger than healthy tissue, there will be a deep wound, a scar, but healing and forgiveness is possible. Learn to affair proof your relationship as well as how to enrich and enhance your relationships.

Therapy can be preventative, a check up on your relationship in order to help you connect more deeply with your partner and feel even more love. Preparing, enriching and enhancing relationships, not just romantic relationships, is truly my passion. Whether you are seeking pre-marital counseling, re-connection, enrichment or simply want to understand more about yourself and your loved ones, therapy can help you gain insight and skills for change.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Sounds cliché, but it’s simply the truth. It was a ‘Calling’. God has blessed me with the gifts of compassion, empathy, and counseling. I remember writing a paper in the 7th grade, “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” and I wrote Sex Therapist like Dr. Ruth. Needless to say my teacher thought it was a joke, sent it home to be signed by my parents, with an F for a grade. My parents wrote back, “it’s no joke, we allow her to watch Dr. Ruth and encourage her, please re-grade”. Today I realize that it wasn’t just the sex therapy I was interested in, rather it was the ability to help others share, express and experience committed love for one another. You can imagine the teasing I experienced.

Today I am loving my life of helping others give love and receive love, in all relationships. I’ve been blessed with the ability to truly empathize with others, without judgment and through a spiritual process of therapy change their lives and relationships. For that I am grateful. Leo Buscaglia said, “Life is your gift from God and how you live your life is your gift to God”…………..I try to make it an amazing gift.

Main SpecialtyCouples/Marital Issues
Infidelity / Affair Recovery
CredentialsLPC, NCC
Time in Practice10 years +
I practice inMy state/province only
Additional Expertise
I offer my servicesAt my office
Licence informationExpiration 8/1/14
Number 2807
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