George Zimmerman with a bloody head shortly after his scuffle with his alleged murder victim, Trayvon Martin
George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin.
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What The Heck? George Zimmerman Thinks He's A Security Guard Now

George Zimmerman was acquitted of the second degree murder and manslaughter of Trayvon Martin, a teenager who made the mistake of walking through Zimmerman's neighborhood watch area while wearing a hoodie and carrying snacks. Since then, Zimmerman has run into more legal trouble with domestic violence drama (those charges were dropped) and generally being one of the most-hated men in America: a face representative of racial profiling, an inability to follow instructions from actual authority figures and a trigger-happy bully, to put the terms lightly.

5 Strange But True Crime Sprees

5 Strange But True Crime Sprees

Idiots walk among us. You've probably suspected this for quite some time. They slow down when merging onto the freeway, leave their dogs in hot cars, and mow their lawns while everyone else is trying to sleep. And, every once in awhile, they turn to a life of crime. And a bungled mess of absurd hilarity ensues. 1. When Idiots Play with Markers

love and crime: does Jodi Arias want to die?
Should Jodi Arias be sentenced to lethal injection?
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Love & Crime: Why Jodi Arias Is Lying About Wanting To Die

The verdict is in and we can all take a collective breath. Last week, the jury announced their verdict: Jodi Arias is guilty of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander back in 2008. Today, the trial officially moved into another phase to determine whether or not she could be sentenced to death. She has already very openly said that "death is the ultimate freedom" ... but what's really going on inside the mind of this femme fatale killer?

serious couple
What you don't know might hurt you.
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How Sodomy Laws Affect Your Sex Life

Just last week, the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia overturned that state's anti-sodomy laws. The decision was based on the ten-year-old US Supreme Court decision stating that it is unconstitutional to criminalize private, consensual sexual activity between adults, basically voiding all anti-sodomy laws in the US. However, several states kept their anti-sodomy laws in the books, and some even attempt to prosecute citizens for them, as in Virginia.

What The Country Can Learn From the Connecticut School Shooting
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What The Country Can Learn From the Connecticut School Shooting

Our nation as a whole tends to stigmatize and minimize the reality and the extent of the impact of mental health issues on our country.  Mental health is always on the top of the list when budgets are slashed on local, state, and national levels.  Insurance companies are making excessive profits at the expense of families ability to afford services.  The latest trend with insurance companies is to increase deductibles and co-pays and charge exorbitant premiums making mental health services inaccessible to many.

criminal minds
Rossi and JJ discuss evidence on the season 8 premiere of "Criminal Minds."
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Why My Marriage Would Make A Terrible Sitcom

Newsflash: TV doesn't depict reality and we're all disappointed. I bring up the issue because I think that there *is* an accurate depiction of marriage on TV—it's just disguised behind the blood, gore, murder and fictitious science of crime procedurals.

4 Reasons You Might Want To Date A Criminal [EXPERT]
Is a criminal record a deal breaker?
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4 Reasons You Might Want To Date A Criminal

Many people would say that there are dangers of dating a criminal and even advocate checking criminal records of online daters. In many situations where your potential date is a criminal there is reason to be cautious. Sometimes this fact will be a good reason to not pursue a relationship or even a date. In other situations, you may still be interested in dating the criminal, but you will need to exercise certain precautions.

aurora, batman, dark knight
Balloons with the names of "Dark Knight" shooting victims in Aurora, Colorado.
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'I'd Take A Bullet For You' Became Very Real In Aurora

By now, we've all heard of the tragedy that occurred at an Aurora, Colorado screening of The Dark Knight Rises last Friday morning. Twelve died and dozens were wounded as a gunman opened fire on innocent patrons just trying to enjoy a night out at the movies. Among them were several couples.

woman child
How do you talk to a child about tragedy?
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How Do You Explain The Colorado Shootings To A Small Child?

On July 20, I woke up to a flurry of texts asking me if I was okay. As a New Yorker staying in Boulder, Colorado in July visiting my sister and her family, I was asleep at 8 a.m. mountain time, while back east my friends and family already knew what had happened less than eight hours before in Aurora. I dragged myself from my bed to turn on the news and watched in horror, as we all did, the tragic events that occurred at that Dark Knight showing in Aurora.