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At least three Aurora, Colorado shooting victims died trying to save their loved ones.
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Amid Aurora Shooting Horror, 3 Heroic Men Saved Their Girlfriends

The names of the Colorado theater shooting victims are slowly leaking out, and along with them are stories of heartache and stories of heroism. But it's the final heroic moments for three men shot to death while shielding their girlfriends during the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" that really put into perspective the distance between the dark, twisted mind of the shooter and the pure hearts of his victims.

Study says a life surrounded by crime can lead to risky sex.
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Risky Neighborhood, Risky Sex?

Where you live has everything to do with your sexual behavior, at least according to a recent study. If you're exposed to violence on a regular basis within your immediate surroundings, you are more likely to engage in risky sex.

Joe Paterno's Family Requests Emails Relating To Sandusky Scandal
Paterno's family claims some leakers tried to "smear" the coach.

Joe Paterno's Family Requests Emails Relating To Sandusky Scandal

Joe Paterno's family has called on Pennsylvania's attorney general and former FBI Director Louis Freeh to release all emails and records related to their investigations into the Penn State child sex-abuse scandal, saying a leaker or leakers have used selective emails to "smear" the late coach and university officials.