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Why you should date a bad boy
Don't judge a book by it's leather-jacket-bound cover.

Maybe It's Time To End Your Bad Boy Embargo

Bad boys should no longer be on your "do not date" list! We have three very convincing reasons that bad boys are actually good for you... contrary to what your mother told you growing up.

men's jewelry
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10 Pieces Of Men's Jewelry Your Boyfriend Is Going To Love

Buying men's jewelry is by no means an easy task. As a girlfriend (friend, sister, whatever!) your primary concern might be finding a piece that your guy will both wear and pull off. This worry is followed by the hunt for timeless, yet utterly cool accessories. Luckily, we've done the searching for you. It's time to abandon the dog tag for good and embrace these 10 simple and classic men's pieces he'll love.


10 Guys You Should Never Bring Home To Meet The Parents

You love your parents, right? Well then, heed our words and do not bring these ten guys home to meet the family. That evening will just result in a trip to the ER as your father clutches his arm and your mother talks about seeing a white light.  Please, raise your standards and bring home a quality guy.

Daisy-printed underwear on a clothesline
Only skeevy guys give skivvies.
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Dirty Laundry: Some Creep Gave My Girlfriend Lingerie

Last year, some guy who I don't get along with sent my girlfriend lingerie as a gift. She doesn't think it was weird for him to do that, because he works at a lingerie company. Also, he knows her outside of just being my girlfriend, so it was "fine," she says. She isn't his biggest fan, but a gift is a gift. Free underwear is free underwear. We're in a recession. I get it.

We can fix this, girl. We got your back.
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8 Signs You Have No Idea How To Flirt

Fair warning, I don't know how to flirt either. But I do know how to fail at it! To that end, here are eight definite signs that you don't know how to flirt. Employ none of these, and you will be on a better path to successful flirting. Learn from those who have come (and failed) before you.

XBox game controllers
They have better dexterity, sharper concentration, more creativity ... shall we go on?
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Just Push Play! 7 Reasons To Date A Gamer

It's the kickoff for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. And if you're dating a serious gamer like me, it's time to say sayonara to your boyfriend or girlfriend. This week, gamers are flocking into Los Angeles where companies are unveiling their latest games. And while it's not always fun to play second fiddle to their games, I think gamers get a bad rep in love. There are a ton of fact-based reasons why a gamer makes the perfect lover.