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1st Year Anniversary

1st Year Anniversary

Rich & I are coming up on our one year anniversary. It's so exciting! We had both been single for quite awhile before we met each other. The way we met is kind of, what's the word I'm looking for...? Interesting, for lack of better word. We met on Saturday, May 4, 2013 through our mutual friend, Kevin. Kevin is my ex-best friend Nicole's baby-daddy/boyfriend. Kevin and Rich worked together at Lowes. We decided to do a "double-date" to ease the awkwardness of a "blind date". Rich & I actually lived 3 houses away from each other and never knew it. How funny is that?

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I'd never brought a boyfriend home before — never even had a boyfriend to bring home.
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About That Time I Made My Jewish BF Meet My Parents — On Easter

The first time I brought my boyfriend home to meet my parents was also Easter. And my boyfriend is Jewish. Whoops. Looking back on it, I give him credit for putting up with so much craziness on such a religious-oriented holiday. But the first time I brought my boyfriend home to my parents wasn't just Easter Sunday, it was also the first time for another milestone in our relationship.

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Witness the bond and love of India and Daniel.
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Think That Love Doesn't Heal? You Haven't Seen This Video

For 14 year-old India Brainard, a young woman suffering from cerebral palsy as well as cortical visual impairment and a seizure disorder, her latest stay in the hospital must have seemed interminable. But on the 57th day of her stay in a New Mexico hospital, recovering from surgery, her father arranged a special surprise for her.

"It's been a while, so maybe I should stick to the English side of this book."
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We Came, We Saw, We Ate: My First Passover With My Boyfriend

I grew up under this false illusion that all Jews were as laid back about being Jewish as my family is, only to later find out my family was the exception, not the rule. This fact was brought to light when I attended my first (I hesitate to say "real" in case my Grandma can read this from beyond the grave, but you get the idea) Passover with my then boyfriend.

Check out this stellar book from author and therapist Trevor Silvester!
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Cohabitation Is About To Become Much, Much Easier

Living together with your significant other is a grand thing. There is the joy of being with the one you love, and the adventure of figuring out how to cohabitate. But as with any new adventure, there are inevitably pitfalls. Never fear, as there is someone out there ready to help you and your sweetie live happily together.

Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club -An Empowered Single Mom's View
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Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club -An Empowered Single Mom's View

I'm a busy single mompreneur.  I've been traveling from Tiburon,CA to Denver, CO, back to Tiburon and then to LA and back over this last month and half. Meanwhile juggling starting my VoiceAmerica radio show, lining up guests and an insane 2/2/5 shared custody schedule.  Never mind you the details of the shared custody nor my Mom's flair up with her health...the regular logistics of finances etc. Needless to say, "um, yeah, it's been CRAZY".