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miley cyrus
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Miley Cyrus' Sexiest Instagram Pics EVER

Miley Cyrus is a very … let's say open girl. She's not afraid to bare it all on a magazine cover or in a music video (that poor wrecking ball). And Instagram is no exception. Miley does deserve some props for being so comfortable in her own skin, and for being confident enough to broadcast said skin on social media. Let's face it; most of us are not that cool. She has taken her half-naked self off to the desert, to a tattoo parlor, even to lounge around with her pups. And we have loved every minute of it.

Tori Spelling Bikini

Oops! Stars Who Accidentally Tweeted Naked Photos

Celebrities have a bad habit of tweeting TMI (we're looking at you especially, Kim Kardashian) and you don't have to reach far back into recent headlines for instances of A-list social media gone wrong. For instance, remember last year when The Newsroom's Alison Pill had to apologize to her thousands of followers after she accidentally tweeted a topless photo of herself?

nude movie scene forgetting sarah marshall
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5 Funniest Nude Movie Scenes

Did you know that July 14 is National Nude Day? To celebrate this amazing holiday year-round, we're looking back at some of the most hilarious movie scenes involving nudity. Not only are these actors super funny and entertaining, but they're naked too! Whether these flicks are about football, marriage or making love to a pie, the characters in them are stripping down to make us laugh out loud. Check out the gallery, then comment below on some of your favorite funny nude scenes:

Man Who Loves Swiss Cheese A Little Too Much Is Arrested
Swiss cheese can be great on a sandwich, but is it worth going to jail for?

Man Who Loves Swiss Cheese A Little Too Much Is Arrested

There are many fetishes in this world that seem weird to the general public. Christopher Pagano, however, let his fetish get the best of him and landed him with charges for sexually harassing others because of his obsession with cheese … swiss cheese to be exact.

But I AM a size 4!

Who Are You Trying To Fool With Those Spanx?

Spanx is quickly becoming to shapewear what Kleenex is to tissues. It starts with a bit of a paradox; tight clothes look terrible on a person with a little extra weight BUT extremely tight under-clothing can be used to masquerade that plump.

woman feeding man pizza
If you make me fat, no girl will ever want me.

I Love You, Now Stop Making Me Fat

Every time I get in a new relationship, I get comfortable... too comfortable. That comfort leads to weight gain. But why do I, and many, many poor, poor people, gain weight while we're dating? Is nesting going to be the death of us all?

Still from This Means War
The guys from 'This Means War' are definitely spies, not boyfriend material.

007 Signs He Doesn't Want A Relationship (Or He's A Spy)

According to films, television programs, comic books, daguerreotypes, cave drawings and divinations from wishing wells, your next door neighbor, coworker or even husband could very well be a SECRET AGENT. Spies are many things, charming, capable, physically adept, but mostly they're terrific liars. The same penchant for misdirection that makes a guy top-notch in the espionage game makes him absolutely horse plop in the awesome boyfriend department.

asian fetish
This guy is really into Asian women and pain.

8 Signs He May Have An Asian Fetish

As a resident of New York City and a fan of professional athletics, I'm duty-bound to somehow comment on the "Linsanity" currently taking place with the New York Knickerbockers. Jeremy Lin, a Harvard graduate, has begun starting for the Knicks and taken the hearts of New Yorkers. But there have been some "racist" bumps along the way. Is having an Asian fetish racist? Here's how to tell if a guy has one