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sick guy
This guy has a cold and doesn't want his girlfriend to see him vulnerable.

Your Boyfriend Isn't Sick Of You, He's Just Sick

Contrary to what you've heard, most men don't want to date their mothers. And, while we may want someone to take care of us while we're under the weather, we don't want you to see us vulnerable until we're ready for it. So, keep in mind that your guy may not be sick of you, he might be literally sick. With the cold or a flu.

exit only

Why I Pass On Using The Back Door, All The Time

Some call it the final frontier. Whereas the vagina is the entry point of life, the anus is the terminus of the human digestive process. The alpha and the omega. Yet this rear entry (exit, really) holds a mystique and allure that 995 of the 1,001 Arabian nights can't even sniff. Is it the taboo? Is it the fit? Is it a power thing? Whatever the case, you can count me out.

nagging torture

5 Ways Nagging Is Like Torture

Sometimes being told what to do is really nice. It's not that it divorces you from the consequences. But being told exactly what to do can take the thinking out of something you clearly don't want to do. However, being on the business end of a constant stream of critiques, veiled orders, words to the wise and "helpful" hints is a major bummer. It's not just ladies who nag, fellas do too — but we call it carping, hectoring and emotional battery. We like to say, "All's fair in love and war," but if the Geneva Convention makes it illegal to pull out someone's fingernails to get them to spill when the next attack is coming, it stands to reason that telling someone to hang up their polo four times in one week. Nagging equals torture.

going stag

Do NOT Take A Friend To A Wedding

The traditional wedding season is not long from running its course this summer (and get ready to put your white pants and shoes away while you're at it) but I have some advice for you anyway as some of your "cheapskate" friends will sneak a wedding in during a fall or winter month. Whenever the wedding may be held, you should strongly consider going stag.

anthony weiner
I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

7 Rules For Sending Lewd Pics, Lessons For Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner proved a few things. First of all, even fairly smart dudes and legendary athletes do dumb stuff. Sometimes they throw horrible interceptions, sometimes they think yelling the loudest will make people hear you better and sometimes they send unbidden images of their bodies to people. Here's how you can avoid making a real boner when it comes to texting and tweeting scandalous photos to people.

Cheating Politicians Are As Old As America

Cheating Politicians Are As Old As America

We might think that modern politicians would shame the Founding Fathers with their infidelity, illegitimate children and poor personal decisions. Even some of the media of the 18th Century got in on the muckraking. Could Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Hamilton and John Jay have survived in our current toxic, partisan, schadenfreude-rife climate?

summer fashion

What Men Think About Summer 2011 Fashions

Most of y'all (and I mean ladies), think men like spring and summer clothes strictly via a less-is-more axiom. And while nothing could be closer to the truth, it's not the whole truth. In many ways what guys like about summer fashion (and women's clothing in general) can be best measured in reverse. We're better at telling you what we hate and here's what it is.

advice dad

Love Lessons We Learned From Our Dads

Father's Day is just around the bend and while you'll be giving your pop a tie, you should remember what the day is all about. It's about appreciating the bike-riding tips, room-and-board and wisdom that the big guy provided. Our mission, making your love life super, makes us concentrate on the best love advice that dad has given our staff, our friends on Facebook and our follows on Twitter. Let us know what you think.

Awesomest Of The Web: Bad Relationship Advice & Prince Harry

Awesomest Of The Web: Bad Relationship Advice & Prince Harry

Amazing sex in 10 words or less. What to expect when dating a Taurus. The world's most eligible bachelors. Tweeting towards a breakup. When to have The Talk. When relationship advice doesn't work. How advice can wreck your sex life. Common misconceptions about the penis. Passing out during sex. On being addicted to relationships. And should he try to win her back.

Ryan Braun: Reason 379 Not To Propose At A Ball Game

Ryan Braun: Reason 379 Not To Propose At A Ball Game

A fan of the Brewers named Robin held up a sign for outfielder Ryan Braun asking for his hand in marriage. Unfortunately, the former Rookie Of The Year* was not the only one to see the homemade poster complete with her actual mobile phone number. Things did not work out.