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beach wedding
What could be more romantic than a ceremony by the sea?

20 Dreamy Dresses For A Beach Wedding

To us, the perfect seaside affair has no need for 'I do' shoes because the couple will be digging their barefoot toes in the sand. The bride's hair can be in a loose updo or undone waves while her billowy dress sways in the wind. It's the opportunity to choose an unconventional dress like a straight-off-the-runway crocheted midi dress from Chloé or Rachel Zoe's intricately embroidered sleeveless maxi dress.

man and woman talking
This couple seems to know how to have the talk the right way!

How To Have A No-Stress 'Where Is This Going?' Talk

If you have been casually seeing someone for a while and you get the feeling like you it’s time to get some answers then take a deep breath before stressing out. There are 8 steps to having a stress-free DTR conversation that won't make you go crazy.

woman smiling at her desk
"Writers are awesome, creative & smart as hell, but they're tough.They always want more."

Love What You Do? What Guys Really Think Of… Your Job

Does tenure as a kindergarten teacher make you sweet and cuddly in the eyes of your man? Or do lawyers really turn them on? Will your secretarial position at an ad agency have your guy seeing stars in the supply closet after hours? Surprisingly, we found that guys are paying more attention to your career choices than we’d ever thought.