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Meghan Trainor from All About That Bass
Meghan Trainor teaches self-love in "All About That Bass."

10 Stars Who 'Brought Booty Back' WAY Before Meghan Trainor

Hey, I think it's great to tell people to be comfortable with and love their bodies. I really do. I think that song "All About That Bass" wants people to think that that's the message of the song, but it isn't. Why not? Because Meghan Trainor talks about how people should accept her body for what it is, and then goes on to make fun of "skinny bitches."

crazy girl

10 "Crazy" Things All Women Do That Are Actually Totally Normal

Ladies, being the dynamic sex that we are, we have our days when we're not sure which way is up or down. We often wind up asking the people around us if we're being totally crazy. (Or is this normal?) But rest assured! Here are 10 "crazy" things all women do—that are perfectly normal.

attraction dating

Here's Why Hot People Only Want To Date Even Hotter People

A new study by EliteSingles has confirmed what every average looking person the world over has feared: that they are undateable, at least in the eyes of someone really good looking. A total of 500 singles on EliteSingles' site were asked how attractive they thought they were, then they were asked to rate the importance of looks, wealth, and a few other particulars, in regards to an ideal partner.


Yes, I Think It's OK To Lie To My Husband Sometimes (Don't You?)

I went into my current relationship with my eyes wide open. I knew that neither one of us was a saint, and that we had both messed up a couple of our relationships in our past. And because of this, I wanted us to be honest, but not too honest. Too honest could get us into dangerous territory, and I never wanted that. I wanted, and want, this relationship to work, so I've decided to keep some things to myself, and ask that my partner do the same.

woman holding balloons
Yes, you're reading this right.

6 Little-Known Benefits Of Being Divorced

It's natural to want to curl up into a ball of despair, mourning the loss of your relationship and fretting about what life's next chapter has in store for you. But now that you're free from an unhappy marriage, it's the time to give yourself some TLC! To get you motivated, here are some study-backed facts that'll make you feel better about being newly single again.

halloween cocktails for grown ups

BOO-Cardi Punch And 12 More Scary-Good Halloween Cocktails

Throwing a Halloween bash? Make it spectacular with drinks that ooze, fizz, and give your party a spooky vibe. It doesn't take much to transform an ordinary cocktail into a creepy one. So if you're itching for some All Hallow's Eve action, we've got 13 thrilling Halloween cocktails that are a must-drink for your party. We promise you'll love them! Happy haunting... Photo: Sam Henderson