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Nippsey hustle, driving with daughter

My Father Never Beat Me—But I'm Still One Of His Victims

I was shaping up to what certainly would've been a real daddy's girl. Until one day I realized no one else's father took their children to sleepovers with other women while their mothers were in school. And, they certainly didn't beat their wives for being angry over their extramarital affairs.

young african american boy
In the Wake of Ferguson I find myself thankful that I did not give birth to a black male.

Today I Am Thankful That I Did Not Have a Black Son

I couldn't imagine giving birth to a son and praying that he makes it to adulthood not because I fear illnesses and freak accidents but because I fear the justice system will continue to fail us.

food or sex?
I thought about this hamburger more than you today.

Food Or Getting Frisky: What Do Men Think About More?

How often would you say you think about sex? For me, depending on what's going on in my day, it can range anywhere from five to 10 times. Okay, on really slow days, maybe 15 tops. I think. Sometimes it's more... It turns out that, despite common stereotypes, men don't think about sex all the time — just a lot.