11 Of The Most BEAUTIFUL Underboob Tattoo Ideas For Women

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The BEST Underboob Tattoo Ideas For Women
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These designs will make you rethink where you place your next piece of ink.

Over the years, tattoos have transformed into their own art form. As they've become more popular, they've also become more unique and widespread in their placement.

Body parts that wouldn't normally be considered commonplace for tattoos are now trendy and a departure from the usual tattoos placed on the arm, back, ankle. 

The latest tattoo trend that's gaining enthusiasm is the underboob tattoo. Underboob tattoos for women are not only beautiful, but very creative. They celebrate the boobs — one of the most, if not the most, beautiful parts of the female body. 

Underboob tattoos are really special and different from all other tattoos, because they are very intimate. Unlike other tattoos, underboob tattoos are only seen by you and that lucky, special someone. OK, how sexy is that?

To get you inspired, here are some of the most beautiful ideas of underboob tattoos for women.

Flowers underboob tattoo
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A beautiful tattoo that can also be done many different ways. You can keep it clean and simple or go bold and add color and intricate designs. It's up to you whether you'd like to stick with one flower or get a whole bouquet. No matter how you decide to do it, this is a perfect idea for a tattoo that sits under the breasts.

Egyptian Goddess underboob tattoo
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This is a gorgeous design. Isis was a fierce Egyptian goddess, seen here with her wings spread wide. She was considered the strongest among the gods, so if you want a special, personal reminder of your own strength, this incredible tattoo is a great idea. Extra coolness factor: The tattoo pictured above is one of Rihanna's many tattoos. She got this one to honor her late grandmother.

Butterfly Moon underboob tattoo
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The butterfly and the moon both represent femininity. Together, they make an even more lovely design. And what body part represents the beauty of femininity more than the breasts? 

Geometric Bird underboob tattoo
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Tattoo lovers have always adored geometric designs. Not only are they visually stunning, but they carry deeper meanings. Many designs — most notably animals — look great converted into geometric tattoos, but the bird looks especially impressive as an underboob tattoo.

Necklace underboob tattoo
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It's like a necklace for your boobs! Ok, so we're not exactly sure what this design is, but we do know that it's ridiculously COOL. We'll leave this one up to your imagination.

Mandala underboob tattoo
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A "mandala" is a circular design that represents the entire universe. Everything inside the circle is the parts of the universe. Even if you're not into the spiritual meaning behind the mandala, this is one badass tattoo.

Heart underboob tattoo
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If you're a little hesitant about taking the plunge to get a tattoo on this part of the body or maybe you only want something small, this is perfect for you. Simplicity can be just as gorgeous as bigger, fancier tattoos.

Quote underboob tattoo
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Another simple, but beautiful design. Quote tattoos are really popular and powerful. This is a lovely under the breast tattoo idea for women, because this personal quote will only be seen by you. 

Feather underboob tattoo
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This feather tattoo looks amazing. It also doesn't hurt to know that feathers can symbolize many cool things—freedom, taking flight. 

Stars underboob tattoo
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Stars are always a cute choice for a tattoo. Like feathers, they can also symbolize many significant things. 

Mermaid underboob tatttoo
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Mermaids are the ultimate symbol of beauty and femininity, so what better place to celebrate this beautiful tattoo?