We Asked Men What They REALLY Think Of Big Boobs And ... WOW

big boobs


Breaking news: Men love boobs.

I know, you're shocked. Did someone in the back pass out? 

My bad attempt at written sarcasm done, let's break it down. It doesn't matter if a girl has small boobs, big boobs, or something in between. If a dude is straight, his eyes are drawn to her rack

Boobs are, quite simply, where it's at. 

We've asked real men before what they think of small boobs, and they were more than happy to answer us.

Now it's time for the guys open up about big boobs. 

They were patient and open and guys, in thanks, my big boobs salute you. Take it away, boys!

OK, boob lovers. What's the deal? What do you love about big boobs?
  • For some it's about confidence. "Their owners tend to be confident, and that's sexy."
  • For others feel factors in big time. "I like the way they look. I like the way they feel."
  • Who said more than a handful is a waste? "The fullness, softness, the fact that they're a handful."
  • Beauty is imperfection. "I greatly dislike fake tits so I would much rather smaller ones than fake ones. This is because fake ones are too perfect and don't move right. I like the way big boobs move, and the imperfections around the nipples. I like having something to grab, ideally a tit that could be grabbed with two hands. I love cleavage and I love when there is a bit of a slip and I see more than I am supposed to."
  • For some, it's about kink. "It's all about the show for some. "I love how showy big boobs are. How they mark a woman's sexuality at all times in a very strong way. I like cuddling in big boobs, and (assuming she likes them to be hurt) I like the bigger target for hitting and pinching and twisting. Also, on a kink tip, women with big tits have often been shamed for having them, been called sluts from a young age, and while that's terrible and damaging, it does result in some fun sex play if she's down for incorporating that."
  • Those of us with all those curves and them with no breaks. "They typically match the body type they are on (surgery can mess this up) and I am drawn to curves and softness."



  • Some put real thought into it. ""They fill your hands. There's more to stimulate (titillate?) the carnal senses for both parties. They fill shirts, blouses, dresses and bras nicely. Cleavage. The curvature of a breast. Finally, breasts look beautiful exposed (from every angle)."
  • Some got intellectual about the appeal. "It's a visceral attraction, so not easily deconstructed. Perhaps it's a ripe-fruit metaphor, or the energy conveyed by all that bouncing and heaving. I also tend to associate curvy women with easy humor and casual sensuality, homey cotton sun dresses and pie parties rather than trendy fashion ensembles and networking. In my mind, a curvy woman goes for a sunny walk in the forest, and as soon as she finds a deep stream, throws her clothes off with a merry laugh for a skinny-dip. The thin-framed lady meanwhile stayed home to keep up with Facebook."
  • Others didn't know where to begin! "They're big? To quote someone else: I understand why I like them, I do not understand why I like them SO MUCH. A lot has to do with the package thing I talked about above, the way they fill out a whole figure."


  • But mostly, it's the way the feel. "Hmm.. well, here I have to note that I've really only been with two women, both of whom are in the D-cup range, and my only real comparison is from a short relationship with one who was smaller. And I will grant that the smaller ones were *pretty* -- perky and cute. Less trouble with gravity, I suppose. So I think what I love most about bigger ones is actually tactile -- they *feel* so nice."


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