When You Have Something Great, Don't Look For Something Better

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When You Have Something Great Dont Look For Something Better

Sticking with someone because you have a great relationship is NEVER settling.

In today's world, where we are more connected than ever and can just keep swiping to browse potential lovers, it's hard to feel sure that there isn't something better out there. As a result, it's super-easy to ruin a really good relationship by wasting time wondering "What if?"

It's important to know when to hit the brakes and love the one you're with.


This may seem like a conflicting message when we're so used to hearing that we should never settle and that we should always strive for the best because "we deserve it." But ultimately, sticking with someone because you have a great relationship is never settling.

The truth is that nobody can do or be everything for you. There will always be someone out there who has more of any one characteristic than whoever you're with.


You're going to meet people who are more exciting or more physically fit or more creative or more whatever-else-it-is-that-turns-you-on than your partner, but what is crucial to remember is that relationships are built on the sum of two people's parts. Nobody has ever maintained a completely fulfilling relationship off a sexy smile or a love of culinary arts.

If you're with someone whose "whole package" you love and are compatible with, you can't let yourself get distracted by someone else's "highlights reel." Because, let's face it, the highlights reel is all you really see in someone up front.


Loving someone's "whole package" doesn't mean you adore every single thing about him or her, by the way it just means that their merits far outweigh their weaknesses. In a great relationship, you both recognize each others' shortcomings (because you have 'em, too), but your interactions are mostly joyful, healthy, and loving.

If you've already found that with someone, you're beating the odds! Don't go throwing it all away on the silly idea that there's someone more equipped to give you exactly the same amount of happiness.