There's A Fancy Town In Connecticut That's Covered In Penises

Photo: NYMag
penis graffiti
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The person responsible is getting cocky.

New Haven is known for it's beautifully structured neighborhoods, being home to Yale University — and being covered in with a bunch of penis graffiti.

Not really ideal for your town slogan. 

For a full five months (yes FIVE), an anonymous vandal has been tagging the city's Westville neighborhood with big, huge, look-at-me shafts and the subtle, but still powerful word "penis."

His artwork has appeared on multiple churches, apartment buildings, traffic control boxes and windows. 


Though the x-rated graffiti artist has been at it for awhile now, the New Haven Police have just began working the case.

After the vandal got a little cocky — sorry couldn't resist — and painted a whopping six dicks in one night, the police caught video surveillance of him that they're hoping to track him down with. 

While I'm sure the town of New Haven is ready for the penis storm to stop, I can't help but be impressed by how long he's lasted. 

Okay, last one. I'm done now. 



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