MUST-READ: 100 Pieces Of "Life Advice" For EVERYONE, Young And Old

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If you read one thing this week, let it be this.

Some teachers just teach their subject and hope it sticks with students for more than the school year, but others try to give some good life advice that students could use forever.

Someone posted a list that is making the rounds on the Internet — 100 pieces of life advice from an economics teacher to his graduating high school class.

This is definitely a time where these young kids are about to embark and make some big moves on their own. So, what did the teacher have to say with these 100 life quotes?

The number one thing he put on the list is very metaphorical, but true and hopeful: "There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs are just one of them."

There is no better time to learn this than senior year of high school. Maybe you were banking on just one school, but if you didn't get in, there are other ways to become successful.

The teacher had many other wise words for the seniors:

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It's very sweet to see that this student kept the wise words and wanted to pass them on. Hopefully it helps others!



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