10 Sexy-Weird Ways To Seduce Him (According To The Kama Sutra)

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kama sutra

Some of it is sound advice, but some of it is pretty wacky.

Most people think of the Kama Sutra as a guide of sex positions, and although there's a portion that goes into great detail about sex, that's not all of the information it provides.

The Kama Sutra also explains how to seduce someone and what a successful marriage looks like. Some of it is sound advice, but other parts of it are pretty wacky. We decided to gather 10 weird rules of seduction from the Kama Sutra.

Like most ancient texts there are different set rules for each gender. So let's start off with the weird seduction rules for men:

1. He should pull on his mustache.
The hipsters should be all over this piece of advice.
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2. Make a sound with his nails.
For some reason, we would imagine the annoying noise would drive the ladies away.
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3. Wear ornaments that "tinkle."
Because like cats, women are just fascinated by bells.
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4. "Make marks" in the Earth using a stick to refer to his crush.
Nothing says love like playing in dirt.
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5. If his crush has a child in her lap, he should play with the child.
Not totally bad advice, but it's still questionable to play with a kid just to get into a woman's pants.
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6. Kiss a child in front of his crush.
Yes, some ladies will swoon over this but it's a weird thing to include in a seduction guide.
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7. Give the woman a fragrant gift.
So guys, stock up on those Yankee candles.
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8. Stroke the woman's hair while she is distracted.
Sure, do that ... if you want to come off as creepy.
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9. Reject the man if he tries to kiss you.
The guide is actually progressive in terms of women embracing their sexuality. This is just their weird way of playing hard to get.
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10. Sit by yourself and keep glancing at the man you're interested in.
Awkward ladies, DO NOT ATTEMPT or you might come across as crazy by staring too hard.
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