Why You're So Emotionally Attached To Him (Says Science) [VIDEO]


The science behind why we're so drawn to people.

We spend our whole lives forming connections with the people around us; whether it's by talking to a stranger we normally pass on the street or falling in love with our soulmate, the strong bonds that we make throughout our lifetime shape who we are. Being able to connect with someone on an emotional (and physical) level is such a beautiful thing. But if we really think about it, it almost seems like the reason why we are drawn to other people is because it's engrained in our DNA. After all, we all know that attachment goes hand in hand with commitment. According to recent studies, our attachment style actually has a major effect on our relationship!

When author Dr. Sue Johnson, YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman and EFT trainers Elana Katz, Zoya Simakhodskaya, and George Faller talks about the effect that being attached has on our relationships (both romantic and platonic), we couldn't agree more. Ever since childhood, we've been emotionally attached to the people around us. Dr. Sue Johnson mentions that the level of attachment we have to others is in sync with our emotions. For instance, we all have that one person that we trust to make us feel safe when we're feeling scared. Their advice on why we get so attached to different people in our lives and how it affects us definitely puts everything into perspective.