5 Times Sex During Pregnancy Went Horribly Wrong


pregnant in bed
Gotta love hormones …

The months during pregnancy are certainly a journey. Your body and hormones change in such a way that it affects all aspects of your life, including sex. Unless you have a high risk pregnancy then having sex is perfectly safe for the mother and her baby, but that doesn't mean things always go smoothly.

We gathered some stories when sex during pregnancy went wrong. So wrong.


1. Beware! Gas Will Sneak Up On You
One mother tells What To Expect about how this little side effect ruined the mood.

"We don't let a little gas ruin the mood: We were being romantic and I let one go — a charming side effect of pregnancy — and we both froze. Then we laughed so hard we had to stop!"

2. Sleepy Sex Goes To A Whole New Level
Apparently being awake during the act isn't a requirement during pregnancy...

"2 a.m. Husband is off work and climbs into bed with me. He gives me a peck on the lips. I attempt to kiss back. He keeps kissing me and petting my hair and face. I know he is horny, but I'm tired! He tries to slide inside me from the side. I normally love sleepy sex, but I'm too tired to even contribute anything, so he says he will make it quick," writes NY Mag writer, Rachel Kramer Bussel in her sex diary. She then continues, "7 a.m. I guess I fell asleep last night. I wonder if husband even finished, or if me falling asleep was a turnoff? I roll over and try to cuddle close to him, but his back is to me."

3. Falling Off Balance
The later months of pregnancy definitely brings along some physical challenges, from being not being able to tie your own shoes to losing balance during sex.

falling off the bed

"I was probably about eight months — big and pregnant... [While] hubby and I were getting our groove on...I slipped off the bed and landed between the wall and the bed, and got stuck.... My husband just laughed at me. And I had to wiggle my way out," Stephanie G tells PopSugar

4. A Sick Surprise
"Before getting pregnant we had sex at least 5 times a week — if not once a day. But lately he's lucky if he gets any love 1 time a week- so tonight I decided to surprise him with a BJ after he cooked me dinner. I have been getting nauseous again lately & it turns out my gag reflex has been seriously effected and I ended up throwing up all over! OMG I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life! We took a shower & cleaned up- & he laughed about it and said it wasn't a big deal! But I feel so stupid, and doubt we'll be doing anything oral for a while. So much for trying to please him! Ugh… just adds to the unsexiness that is being pregnant!" reveals a message board user on Baby Center

5. A Tearful Interruption
You've got to love hormones …

"Dear husband and I are having sex and I am on top, as I'm riding him he goes for my boob with his mouth but is a little too rough as he bites, I yank away and instantly start crying! I mean like within one second I have tons of tears running down my face, my nose is runny and I'm an emotional wreck! He asks me with a horrified face 'oh my god what's wrong?' and between tears I say 'that really hurt! Why did you do that!?' and he apologies and says he didn't mean to but 'I shouldn't have pulled away because it made it worse' he was really sweet about it and kept asking 'but why are you crying?' and I say (between tears and laughing) "I don't know, stupid pregnancy" anyways, I didn't want to stop so he could finish, so I continue riding him and try hiding my runny nose and crazy need to continue crying!" posts a mother on Baby Center.

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