I Caught My Boyfriend Cheating On A Sex Tape

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Did curiosity kill the cat or the relationship?

There is no better private investigator than a woman with Internet access and a curiosity. I can let you know if your boyfriend is cheating, find the girl he dated in college, and figure out every picture your love interest has liked on Facebook in the past fortnight. Serious q: is the CIA hiring?

I do all sorts of online stalking. My typical daily activities as a single woman include:

  1. Lurking my crush's Facebook
  2. Creeping his Instagram
  3. Memorizing his Twitter feed
  4. Creating a relationship with him in my head

What I'm trying to say is I consider online stalking to be my full time day job, and sometimes I may accidentally, unintentionally, woopsie-daisily bring these behaviors into my relationships.

It paid off though, when dating my ex-boyfriend, who for the sake of this article I will call Demetrius (because why not?).

A psychic once told me I needed to be more aware of red flags in my dealings with men. Maybe she was talking about the time Demetrius told me there wasn't a title that could define his love for me. Or maybe she was referring to the mysterious way his phone seemed to die on nights we'd spend apart. 

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