Love Is In The Hair: 10 Sexy Men's Haircuts That Drive Women Wild

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A new haircut may be just what you need to amplify your confidence and sex appeal.

A while back we told you about 10 Haircuts Hot Women Love. We got a lot of feedback from you. So, naturally, we made a sequel. So before you roll into a hair salon or barbershop and tell the pros to do whatever they think would look best and sexy on you, realize you might be giving a 60-year-old Italian woman or angry ex-punker who thinks mohawks should make a comeback a little too much.

Bottom line, you want a haircut that hot women love, right? Right. So we asked plenty of hot and sexy women which looks are most likely to make them do a double-take. And as an added bonus, we got Mosha Katani, the Beverly Hills Club Director for John Allan’s to give tips on who each sexy cut works best for (and how to style each one).

Head to Modern Man to find out how to achieve the haircuts that women love: 10 Men's Haircuts That'll Help Get You Laid

This article was originally published at The Modern Man. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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