Who Is Nick Viall Of 'The Bachelorette'?


'The Bachelorette's Nick Viall
What's the intel on 'The Bachelorette' contestant Nick Viall?

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Season 10 of The Bachelorette kicked off earlier this month, with former The Bachelor contestant Andi Dorfman looking for love. Spoilers quickly erupted on the Internets, with several sites revealing who Andi's final two suitors were. Well, here's another obligatory "SPOILER ALERT!"


The last two standing men are Josh Murray and Nick Viall. Who is Midwestern-born Nick, who made it deep into the season? We're glad you asked.

1. He is athletic.

Viall, who ultimately loses to Murray, was a track and field star at Waukesha North High School in his native Wisconsin. 

2. He was active in college.

He worked as a reporter for his collegiate paper, The UWM Post. He attended the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, graduating in 2004.

3. He is a Midwesterner, tried and true.

Viall currently lives in Chicago and is an account exec for SalesForce, selling computer software. But make no mistake. He is a Milwaukee-ite through and through. He even pointed out that he will always call the city home in his Twitter bio. He isn't tweet happy and his feed doesn't reveal too much about "who" is Nick V. 

4. He comes from a big family. Make that huge.

Viall is the second eldest of 11 (!!!) siblings. His closest brother is seven years his junior.

5. He has a bit of a big mouth. 

He was filmed on a flight, talking loudly about the season and eating Cheetos while doing so. That's a maaj no-no and we've got to think that producers reprimanded him posthaste. (Talking about the season in public is the "no-no" part, not the Cheetos thing. They may taste super yummy, but they are so bad for you and leave cheese dust all over your digits.)


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