Majors That Get Laid Most & Other Weird Facts About College Kids

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What really goes on in the center of the "hookup culture"?

College is usually thought of as the time where young people let loose and fully experiment with their sex lives. Since it's the first time they're living on their own, it's normal to wonder what are they up to. Are they having protected sex? Are they having sleeping partners? Who are they sleeping with?

Well, thanks to a British survey, given to 6,129 students of over 100 universities, we can tell you almost everything about their sex lives, from who's getting the most action to how they feel about their sexcapades.


1. Hospitality And Philosophy Majors Get The Most Action
Who's hooking up the most? It's those deep-thinkers and future Top Chefs. Hospitality majors are charming and sociable, so this makes sense. As for philosophers, don't we all kind of fall for that person who seems to be thoughtful, down to earth and intelligent? But let's face it, other than writing papers, philosophy majors have a good amount of time on their hands to work on their game.

2. Environmental Science Is Not Sexy
Sorry, chemical engineering, human resources and environmental science majors, but you need to step it up. Engineers, we understand — that workload is outrageous. HR and eco-friendly scholars, no excuses. 

3. Most Students Don't Use Condoms
Both genders aren't good in this area, and if you think about how often condoms are handed out on college campuses, this shouldn't be happening. In fact, 51 percent of female students, and 61 percent of male students say they have had unprotected sex. Not good.

4. And No One's Worried About Pregnancy!
Isn't this the generation that grew up with 16 & Pregnant? Have you learned nothing, people? And it's not just the college bros who are lax in this area. Females don't seem to be too worried either. Only 30 percent of college gals are concerned with pregnancy, whereas 15 percent of dudes are. 

5. The Majority Are In A Relationship
As we mentioned previously, the "hookup culture" is proving to be BS — and this new stat proves it. While everyone likes to think college students are running around naked from frat house to frat house — 51 percent are actually in a committed relationship.

6. They're Sleeping With Their Roomies
Another lesson we were supposed to learn from reality shows and sitcoms: never sleep with a roommate. Yet, 26 percent of students say they've had a sexual relationship with someone they live with. Hopefully that doesn't bring as much drama to their living situation as it does on The Real World.

7. A Lot of Guys & Girls Regret Their Sexual Experiences.
Thought college sex was all fun and games? Not so much — and both sexes agree on this one. More ladies regret getting in the sheets with someone at 57 percent, while 47 percent of men end up feeling the same way. It gets better, you guys!

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