It's Only A Scorpio Moon


It's Only A Scorpio Moon
Mystic Mamma's wisdom on using the lunar changes for love

For the past few days the subject of astrology has been coming up a lot. Being in the Bay Area it’s not unusual to hear such talk. While I wouldn’t pick stocks based on my horoscope there is always something interesting to read among the astrologers. Based on Mystic Mamma’s rendition about the Scorpio Moon, was particularly interesting, since the sign is Scorpio features strongly in my chart. The commentary of Mystic Mamma offered a perspective on the changes that is apparently happening in the constellations above.

Mystic Mamma wrote that the theme of the Full Moon on May 14 is about valuing self and how others value you. In other words, boundaries, which can’t be stressed enough in relationships. Surrounding this lunar effect are intense emotions and Mystic Mamma also writes about how excavating the deep subconscious can bring the hidden truth to light. Certainly this happened today for me. I received word that the matchmaker I hired, who told me I was hard to match, was not just giving me grief. Ironically, I had begun to believe her words until bumping into someone who struck up the topic of matchmaking with me. Synchronicity revealed that my new acquaintance had also hired and then fired the same matchmaker! It was a confirmation of the suspicions I had that her comments were excuses rather than explanations. It was a much needed relief.

Other wisdom from Mystic Mamma was the critical need to release an attachment to something or someone along with a caution about the tendency to indulge in addictions to cope with the pain of letting go. As a Scorpio, attachment and control are intricately linked, so to surrender control can create uncertainty. Sometimes the best growth for a Scorpio is to develop skills in tolerating or even dancing with uncertainty. For me, letting go of old dreams, old loves, and old habits is like pulling teeth. Yet it is the best thing for us. Coinciding with this aspect was my decision to start a 40 day Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) daily tapping practice based on Dr. Annette Vaillancourt’s book “Manifest Your Soulmate with EFT”. Even though I am with Nathan, being in a new relationship brings up a lot of old insecurities and disabling beliefs about love. Clearing these cognitions and the energetic blueprints from loves past are imperative to give this love a real chance.

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