20 Signs You're Still Addicted To Disney's 'Frozen'


Do you have a 'Frozen' addiction?


You have a serious addiction, and you literally cannot get enough Elsa and Anna in your life. The first time you saw Frozen, you were speechless by the end, obsessed and immediately re-watched the movie, probably multiple times in a row.

Frozen is now the highest-grossing animated feature film of all time — and we personally endorse it for teaching kids (and some adults) that you won't fall in love with a guy after one day. Plus, true love for your family is more important than a guy you barely know. Welcome to the future Disney, it's about time you arrived.

On that note — burrrr — here are 20 symptoms of a Frozen addiction:

You and your best friend or significant other still belt out the duets in the car #noshame:
Maybe you've even done this move …
It's okay to wish this man singing "Love is An Open Door" was your husband:
You've actually researched the Disney theory, maybe even invented your own, and love the idea that all Disney worlds are connected:
If your friend needs consoling, you'd tell her, "Hang in there, Joan."
You've asked way too many people if they want to build a snowman with you; so far no one's said yes:
Anytime someone says they haven't seen Frozen yet:
But it's okay because you'd let them borrow your copy of the movie in this emergency situation:
If you're a parent, you secretly hope that your kid wants to watch Frozen on repeat, because you kind of still do, too. :
Around Halloween, you know there will be serious arguments over who gets to be Elsa:
You still haven't stopped listening to "Let It Go":
It really devastates you that Arendelle isn't a real place:
In fact, you've been researching trips to Norway when you need to just space out:
You have to remind yourself that not all men named Hans are a**holes. Well, okay, most of them are, but still:
You've decided to name your next dog Olaf and he will definitely like warm hugs:
Seriously, though, Olaf has become your favorite Disney sidekick:
Frozen just makes snow look like fun, even though in reality dragging your car out of piles of snow is never a good time, and being cold pretty much sucks:
When you found out they were turning the movie into a real Broadway show, you immediately set up an alert for tickets!
Finally, you will not stand for anyone who tries to put down the movie, because it's amazing:
In fact, you're already dreaming about the next time you can watch it:



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