Do you like to have a good time, consider yourself a "real person", and are passionate about your career?  As standard questions on most online dating websites, you would think that depending on how intriguing or quirky your answers are, they would lead you one step closer to finding the one.

Get ready for your bubble to burst, Casanova.

Dating expert Justin Kelly McClure reveals that these clichés are just a few out of the many that will keep you from finding love online. Contrary to popular belief, one of the biggest plot twists when it comes to dating is that these three answers actually share nothing about you, and therefore shouldn't be included in your online dating profile. So you say that you like long walks on the beach? Well, you may want to get in line because that beach is probably overcrowded with other single hopefuls.

Check out this video and take note of other cliché sayings and online dating tips that you should definitely avoid if you don't want your romantic outings to turn into dating fails.

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