Cover Your Eyes: #AfterSexSelfies Are Now A Thing

Cover Your Eyes: #AfterSexSelfies Are Now A Thing

Cover Your Eyes: #AfterSexSelfies Are Now A Thing

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There's a new kind of sex selfie in town, you guys.

Welcome to 2014: the year that the over-share generation went into over-drive and went from selfie, to couplie, to sex selfie, to now — wait for it — AFTER sex selfie. It's a pretty logical evolution in how things go, but really? I mean, REALLY?! When will the madness end? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel of this self-involved obsession? It doesn't look very likely, to be honest. In fact, it seems, the party is just getting started.

If you've seen the #aftersex tag trending on Instagram lately, but have yet to click and see what the buzz is all about, let me clear up any confusion you might have about it: it's a selfie couples are taking after sex. Why? I don't know; perhaps to prove that they are, indeed, getting some? Great; congratulations! You'll get your medal in the mail.

The problem with the after sex selfie is that, unlike the sex selfie that may be less likely to infiltrate your social media feeds for fear of being banned from whatever social media one chooses for such, er, exposure, the after sex selfie isn't as likely to be kept to the confines of one's phone. Instead, because everything that would cause one to cringe or raise an eyebrow or two, is covered up during a "proper" after sex selfie, then there probably is a good chance that there will be more of them. This, depending on your temperament for both the sex lives of others and the over-sharing society we’ve become, may either be great news or the kiss of death for your personal relationship with Instagram.

Although, as Nerve pointed out, after sex selfies is an "open display of a healthy sex life," the reality is that it's, again to use their word, "gloating." It's as though you're high-fiving yourself with this ridiculous use of technology. When cameras first made their appearance in phones, do you think that's what it was intended for? No! It was meant to take photos of yourself in the dressing room in a new sweater to get input from your friends or to share the artistic way in which that diner up the street piles their pancakes on Pancake Sunday! That's what it was for! Not this mayhem of after sex glows and gloats and bragging galore.

So, of course, it begs to be asked: Will you be participating in the after sex selfie? Are you just dying to share with your friends the rosiness of your cheeks and relaxed grin that only an orgasm can give? If yes, then good for you! If no, then join the club of those us who dropped their heads into their hands at the title of this post and asked, "Really?" Honestly, that's the cooler group to be in, because no one likes an excessive bragger, you guys.

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