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Are All Relationships Destined To Get Boring?


It's all about being playful and flirtatious...especially if you're married!

Is it possible to have a long-term love affair where the passion is as intense as when it first began? Yes, but many couples don't have the skills necessary to sustain this type of passion in their relationships. It was easy in the beginining because it's new and an excess of dopamine flooded the brain. So how can you achieve that when you've been married for years? The experts weigh in. 

Relationship experts Tammy NelsonSusan HeitlerJohn GrayAnnie Gleason and Margaret Paul sit down and discuss the different ways to build harmony in a relationship for a lifetime of amazing passion and sex

Watch the video to learn what you should be doing with your spouse and the few things you should avoid doing at ALL costs. You'll be surprised just how much it will make a difference.