Oh My! 10 Reasons We Love George Takei


May he never stop being awesome.

So, George Takei is a boss. This we all know. When he's not fighting for LGBT rights, he's being master of the internet, starring in musicals, and doing about a billion other awesome things. He inspires us daily with his social activism. So, we tallied up just a few of the many reasons we love George Takei, along with some of our favorite quotes from this amazing icon.



He has the best catchphrase ever.


He and hubby Brad Altman had what was possibly the most epic wedding of all time (bagpipes and Nichelle Nichols? I'm in!)


He has rocked many a pride parade, supporting his LGBT brethren: "I'm a civic busybody and I've been blessed with an active career."


He can still make this move look cool:


He has the most bitchin' dance moves.


He knows how to please people. People like this other awesome guy right here:


He has his priorities straight: "It's really hard to hate someone for being different when you’re too busy laughing together."


He gets us (like, really gets us): "Social media is like ancient Egypt: writing things on walls and worshiping cats." (And, we humbly add, Betty White).


He's a totally amazing role model: "If leadership requires a fired-up sense of purpose and imagination, it also demands a profound connection to the society to be led."


He knows how to deal with haters. Just look at his awesome response to anti-gay activists:


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