21 Signs You're (Still) Obsessed With 'Breaking Bad'

'Breaking Bad'

Why this show is still cooking!

Breaking Bad may have ended its incredible run, but that doesn't mean us fans will ever quit our obsession. 

Check out the 21 signs Walter White is still kinda your hero. Yeah, bitch!

Even when the actors are in other shows, you can't stop calling them by their BB names:
You wish you had a friend named Saul so you could use this line over and over again:
When your roommate accidentally uses your shampoo, you may overreact by growling, "Stay out of my territory."
Despite knowing better, you have genuinely started enjoying boys in beanies.
You are also genuinely debating moving to New Mexico because it suddenly seems so badass.
You cannot stop saying "... bitch!" after every exclamatory sentence.
You really want to order a pizza just to do this:
You don't really care about the Oscars because this won't happen:
You spontaneously feel the urge to make blue Jell-O shots on weekends.
And eventually, blue rock candy. Which is odd, because you hate rock candy.
You've randomly told your parents to refer to you by your middle name.
You keep wishing everyone you know an "A1 Day!"
You've inexplicably debated reconnecting with your 10th grade science teacher.
Your new life goal is to lay on an enormous stack of money.
At this point, you don't really trust anybody -- especially chicken franchises!
It's just not your birthday 'til somebody's spelled your age in bacon.
You refuse to be friends with people who haven't finished the show yet.
Binge re-watching on Netflix has started getting a little addictive-feeling.
You'll never go near another RV again for fear of what's going down inside.
Or pick up another teddy bear, because they're creepified forever.



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