Must-Watch Wedding Video: Two Brides, One Groom — All Out War!

Love, Heartbreak

And you thought YOUR wedding day was bad?

So what do you get when you have one unfaithful groom, one pregnant mistress dressed up in a wedding gown and one seriously ticked off bride?

Cue the little filmed gem that our friends over at The Stir uncovered.

The video, allegedly filmed in China, shows a couple who were in the midst of their wedding ceremony when the groom's scorned (and pregnant) mistress appeared in a wedding gown and attacked the bride. Soon enough, the bride, the mistress and the groom were all swinging punches at each other. And then even some of the wedding guests jumped into the fray. (I'm sorry, I didn't realize we were on Maury.)

Watch the video over at The Stir: Bride Attacks Groom's Pregnant Mistress On Wedding Day (VIDEO)

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