Is Your Baggage Making You Emotionally Unavailable?


You may have baggage, but that doesn't mean you have to unpack it all in your new relationship.

Throughout our lives, we have all either been with someone who was emotionally unavailable or have been the person whose emotions were locked away. After being in a relationship that ended badly, it's no surprise that we feel like we can't really get comfortable in any of our new relationships (whether it's romantic or platonic). But sometimes, sharing old relationship traumas with our new partners helps us come to terms with everything. However, that is not always in our best interest. But seriously, can you ever really get over your old baggage before entering a new relationship?

Hearing YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman talk about this topic with relationship and dating experts Jen Duchene, Carin Goldstein, Marla Martenson and Kelly Rudolph shows just how common this is. In the beginning, it is best to keep some of the problems from your past relationship out of your new one. Bringing up the trouble your ex caused could eventually lead to problems with your current boyfriend/girlfriend because they don't really 'know you' yet. Having a fresh start in your new relationship is the first step to keeping everything calm, cool and collected. It's important to remember now to weigh your beau down with unfair expectations.