4 Anton Chekhov Short Love Stories Everyone Should Read

Love: 4 Anton Chekhov Short Stories Everyone Should Read

A literary giant.

Remembered as one of the most skillful writers in Russian literature (and one of the most treasured among short story authors of any nationality), Anton Chekhov's skill was beyond compare. His romances explored many themes, including infidelity and truth in love. He made no apologies about the effect his writing had on people, and by the time of his death was considered second only to Tolstoy among Russian writers.

His short stories are thought of as some of the best in the world, and for good reason. Read on to discover the four Chekhov short stories everyone should read.

1. The Lady with the Dog, 1899.
Widely considered Chekhov’s best short story, The Lady with the Dog explores what happens to two people who fall truly in love for the first time, despite being married to others.

2. A Living Chattel, 1882.
A love triangle where a woman is bought and sold, incredible guilt and remorse make up the core of A Living Chattel, as the actions of Liza, her husband and her lover come full circle.

3. About Love, 1898.
A story-within-a-story, About Love tells the tale of Alehin and the chance at love he missed, despite knowing for years that his beloved loved him too. 

4. The Grasshopper, 1892.
Olga is a devotee of the arts who eventually begins an affair with the artist Ryabovsky, to the detriment of her marriage. She doesn't know what she has until it's too late, and will be haunted by the realization of what she has lost forever.

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