Miscarriage Advice: How To Help (& How NOT To Help)

Miscarriage Advice: How To Help (And How NOT To Help)

It's a heartbreak only the women who have experienced it can truly understand.

Lauren started OnFecundThought.com just four days after she learned she was going to miscarry her first pregnancy. It chronicles the trauma and aftermath of miscarriage: the physical pain; the bewildering grief of losing a much-longed-for and already loved baby; the feelings of being betrayed by one’s body; the battles with the envy gremlins that come out around other pregnant women; and then the tentative steps into trying all over again. Here she shares her wisdom with those who are walking through this difficult journey with a friend or loved one.

I have learned there is no way to understand the heartbreak of miscarriage if you have not experienced such a loss first-hand. I have known women who have had miscarriages, and I rather fear that my responses were sub-par.

I've received a few responses this week: some people have been fantastic, and others have been slightly disappointing. I have done my best to take these comments in the well-meaning vein in which they were intended.

But if you are trying to support a couple who has just miscarried or lost a child before birth, based on my short experience so far, here's a list of my suggestions for what not to say and what you can say/do instead.

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