8 LOL Problems Couples Who Live Together Will TOTALLY Understand

couple laying together

What do you mean we don't have separate bathrooms?

Cohabitating with your love can be a lot of fun. It brings you and your partner closer together, and increases the intimacy of your relationship. But there are some pitfalls that no one wants to tell you about before you move in together. Really, why rob you of the magic? But, you couples must be prepred!

Using the bathroom becomes a complicated minefield of, "Is he/she out of the apartment and down the block yet?"
You realize that just because you're living together doesn't mean there's a lot more sex.
Dinner is suddenly much more intricate. You have to cook like an adult. That includes side dishes!
You realize that your S.O. is a morning person, and you just might have to kill them. Because they're like:
And you're all:
Farting. Period. *Shudder*
They see what you look like in the morning, and know how you get all prettified (all the secrets are out!).
You realize that their Game of Thrones addiction interferes with your Sherlock obsession, and all hell breaks loose.



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