10 Reasons Chris Hemsworth Is The Perfect Man (Because He Is)


Chris Hemsworth says the Outback is too hot for shoes. But maybe it was just him.


Chris Hemsworth was just named People's Sexiest Man Alive. But this Aussie has already won the top Hemsworth position in our hearts and our loins, because, well, Chris is perfect—and always has been. Don't believe us? Fine. We'll prove it.

1. He has an amazing come-hither stare: 

chris hemsworth hat eyes

chris hemsworth thor wink

2. He's got this, too.

chris hemsworth thor swag

chris hemsworth sneer

3. And that smile! It melts even the coldest hearts.

chris hemsworth thor smile

chris hemsworth smile

4. He's got moves ... and oh (Norse) god, that hair.
chris hemsworth dancing

chris hemsworth hair


5. He's a tough guy when he needs to be. (Sidenote, anyone else want to change their name to Mjolnir so Thor can bang them, too? No? Just me? Fine.)

chris hemsworth thor hammer

chris hemsworth snow white and the huntsman axe

6. He's not afraid to show his sensitive side.

chris hemsworth star trek cryingchris hemsworth tears

7. He knows the right thing to say:

chris hemsworth elsa pataky wife


8. Chris Hemsworth is a proud family man and protective of his baby girl, India Rose.

chris hemsworth thor hot dog baby chris hemsworth snow white and the huntsman baby

9. He's so gorgeous that he can actually make sparks fly on cue. Impressive.

chris hemsworth thor mjolnir

10. Oh, and he looks pretty good from the neck down, too. Even Samuel L. Jackson agrees!

chris hemsworth shirtless

chris hemsworth shirtless walking

chris hemsworth samuel l jackson avengers



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