12 Animals Trying To Land A Date With Amazing Selfies


It's ruff out there for a dog on the prowl.

Selfies can go one of two ways; either super cute, or disastrous (and we mean bad). We already know what guys think of your selfies, but what about your pets? What would your precious pooch's selfie look like on, say, a dating profile? Wonder no more, because we found out.



"Looking for love"
"Hey girl Thinking about you."
"I'm totally not wearing pants"
"Just hanging, you know" (No, we don’t know).
"I love you already!"
"This is my relaxed face"
"I spend my time thinking intense thoughts"
"I'm in your face and you're gonna like it!"
"I'm artistic Deal with it."
"Ignore the idiot behind me"
"Believe it or not, i wasn't drunk"
"How you doin'?"



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