20 Marriage Tips From A Recently Divorced Guy


Inspirational words of advice on marriage from a guy who's been there.

No one said love was easy. We shared some important lessons from horrible first dates with you last week. But the crucial lessons about love don't stop at failed dinner dates.

Motivational Speaker Gerald Rogers learned a great deal about love from his recent divorce. After separating from his wife of 16 years, he discovered mistakes and key takeaways from the marriage and shared them on his Facebook page.  

From "never stop courting" to "always choose love," he shared 20 important things he wished he would've known when he got married.

You'll find these lessons valuable, even if you're not married. And the best part is, he wants to get re-married someday.

See the 20 lessons at Wetpaint Moms: Recently Divorced Man Shares His Inspirational Words Of Advice On Marriage

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