Your Most Embarrassing Hair Removal Questions — Answered!

Your Most Embarrassing Hair Removal Questions — Answered!

Your Most Embarrassing Hair Removal Questions — Answered!

Body hair removal
Summer and the livin’ is easy, right? Whoever said that obviously didn't have body hair to remove!

YT sat down for some smooth talk with Normajean Fusco, hair removal expert and founder of Nufree, a self preserving antibacterial, antimicrobial alternative to waxing that will leave you smooth and hairless with less mess and virtually no pain. Read on for her answers to your questions about how to be smooth and sexy just in time for bathing suit and summer fling season.

What can you use to treat ingrown hairs?

Gentle is always better. Keep the surface of the affected area of the skin clean and moisturized. Wash this area using a nylon powder puff.  Apply an antiseptic such as Finipil daily to moisturize and keep the area cool and clean.

Are there any online resources you can recommend for finding a trusted hair removal technician?


It's important to do your research when selecting a hair removal technician.  Be sure you are choosing a licensed professional. has a section for finding a registered salon in your area—they use all the appropriate products and follow the manufacturers' procedures and sanitary rules.

How do you decide if hair removal is safe for you?

It depends on what part of the body you wish to have done, and if you are using any products at home that may interfere with the hair removal process for that area. If your physician has advised against epilation because of certain surgeries, or if you're on an oral medication that thins your skin, you may not be a good candidate for hair removal. 

Does hair removal make hair grow back thicker? 

When you shave or dissolve hair with a depilatory cream, the thinner part of the hair on the surface is gone, and the widest part of the hair, which is normally at the root, reaches the surface, so it can appear darker and thicker. As you continue to do this, the wider part of the hair appears at the surface. Hairs can become coarser and look darker as time goes on.

Why do I get shaving bumps?

A razor bump is actually irritation of the sebaceous gland, which is attached to the hair follicle. As the irritation of the skin builds up, it causes a blockage of the follicle opening, which can cause ingrown hairs.  If the follicle walls are distorted enough, or if the follicle is blocked by dead skin or some outside comedogenic (pore clogger) such as broken hairs, powders or dry skin, the flow of sebaceous oils can build up, causing what is known as a razor bump.

How should I prepare for bikini hair removal?

Do not over exfoliate your skin—you don’t want to disturb the natural pH of the skin, or irritate it in any way. Do not apply any lotions or creams beforehand for the same reason. You should make sure that the hair is long enough for the procedure (1/8-1/4 inch long for best results). Simply cleanse your skin with liquid body shampoo or soap in the shower or bath. I recommend a hydrating, gentle liquid body wash such as Moisturebal concentrate—one drop goes a long way keeping skin fresh and clean even in hard water. Keep reading...

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