The 10 Worst Places To Have Sex


Let's stop having sex against glass windows, shall we?

Last week, we told you about the woman who's head got stuck in a stair railing while she was having sex during an attempt to spice things up. We're all for trying new things in the bedroom, but sometimes it's really not worth the trip to the hospital ... or the slammer.

Still, people love the thrill of getting it on in risky places, and we've got the news stories to prove it.

Our friends at The Stir came up with a list of the 10 absolute worst places that people have sex.

From the front of a pediatrician's office to the back of a police car, these are the places people really shouldn't be having sex ... but are.

Read the hilarious list at The Stir: 10 of the Absolute Worst Places to Have Sex (PHOTOS)

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