11 Reasons We're Obsessed With You, Channing Tatum

Love: 11 Reasons We're Obsessed With You, Channing Tatum

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

Let's be honest, Chan. You're just so damn easy to love. And we know your wife Jenna wouldn't disagree.

You're the perfect male specimen. Good looks. Charisma to spare. The heart of a saint. Sexiest man alive. You've even managed to turn your stripper past into a strength rather than a dealbreaker!

We can't contain our love for you anymore. You've stolen our hearts, and these are the reasons why ...


You're so good at giving compliments ...

Channing compliments


And making us believe that—in some universe—we have a chance with you:

channing love


You're incredibly down-to-earth. We swoon at your silly side:

silly channing tatum


A guy this hot who makes you laugh, too? #BetterThanWinningTheLottery

channing tatum chemistry


Channing, we love you because we know you'd greet us like this every time we walk through the door:

channing tatum shirtless


And for these six reasons right here:

channing tatum abs


Baby, you know what it does to us when you lick your lips!

channing tatum lips lick


And when you do this. So. Very. Well.

channing tatum strip


A pole in our bedroom? Not a problem, baby:

channing tatum stripping



channing tatum no shirt



We can just imagine the kind of giver you are ... in bed.

channing tatum sex


But eff this cat for getting to be that close to your sexy chest.

channing tatum sexy chest


In the eternal words of Whitney, "Where do broken hearts go?" You'd never learn the answer: 

channing tatum broken heart


Chan, if you won't reciprocate our love, the only thing we can do is let you go. It's not you. It's us. 

channing tatum hug


We just want the best for you—a lifetime of happiness and never-ending love. Do you wish us the same?

channing tatum happy


Maybe someday, buddy. Maybe someday. 

channing tatum meant to be


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