Love Bytes: Where Do Cheating Women Shop For Clothes?

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Plus, why is he dating YOU?

I've often wondered how to spot a woman who is going to cuckold her husband. Ashley Madison tells us they wear Banana Republic … just like the rest of us. Hmm, is there a bar between my place and the nearest Banana Republic? (The Daily Beast)

A number of women with spectacularly low self-esteem ask this question every single day: why is he with ME? (ANewMode)

I guess you COULD just let nature take its course but how do you responsibly decide whether or not to have another kid. (WetPaint)

Some study says dudes only want to put a ring on ladies with man-ish features. (TheStir)

Need help with your relationship? (ANewMode)

Ain't this some BS. Bigger boobs are not a result of the use of birth control. However, you will certainly get them if you don't use some sort of birth control. (ThFrisky)

Ever seen Weird Science? No? OK, then you'll need another way to find your dream girl … (Good Men Project)

Want to look your B E S T? (TheGloss)

16 tricks to making THE best online profile pic. Say no to Duck Face. (Essence)

Did you know that being married could prevent you from having a heart attack? Giving one is a different story. (StartsWithYou)

I feel qualified to answer this one… Should you let your ex-boyfriend punch your V-card? (College Candy)

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