The Top 10 Signs You've Been Dating In New York Too Long


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The tell-tale signs you've been dating (and dating) in the city that never sleeps.

Dating in New York City. Just the thought of it alone is exhausting. We live by our own rules here in NYC, and when it comes to love and relationships, we're definitely in a completely different sphere as to how we date.

Trying to find a guy to settle down while he's in his late 20s or early 30s is a feat like nothing else. It also doesn't help all the single ladies that they outnumber single fellas by 150,000.


Now do you see why it took the gals of Sex and the City six whole seasons and hundreds (and hundreds) of men before they finally settled down? It's rough out there in the concrete jungle.

At some point, after years of face-palming it, these signs may have crossed your brain or heart.

1. You're over "I never go above 14th Street." 
C'mon, dude! What year does he think this is? Has he not heard of gentrification? Any guy who says this when trying to decide on a place for a date didn't get the memo that Murray Hill and LES are practically one in the same these days. Go ahead and say you're not going above 14th Street again. I dare you.

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2. You pregame before you leave your apartment
Let's be honest; he's not picking up the tab, and you know this from years of counting down to the very penny to see who owes what. You're not drunk and in denial over your singlehood, you're just really happy to be on this date!

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3. You've fallen in love at first slice
You have nothing in common with your date — until you have the late-night pizza talk and find out you have similar tastes. Cue the fireworks ... until the pie's done.

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4. You know dating someone who lives off the G train is the equivalent to dating someone in Siberia 
When you meet someone in NYC,  subway talk will eventually come up. If you're going to date someone, you want to be realistic about how transportation will come into play. However, the one train that turns everyone off from potential love is the G. It's an unreliable ghost train that leads to a Ghost Town (OK, Greenpoint is pretty sweet, but still … the G?!) At which point you explain to him, "Um, yeah. I need to find someone a little closer to the J for me to open my heart."

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5. You're no longer impressed by Per Se promises
Does anyone know anyone (besides your coworker's cousin) who's actually been to Per Se? Or is this the Dorsia of our sick reality? 

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